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Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris in Unknown (2011)

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"Unknown" Copyright © Warner Bros. Pictures

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Urban Legend
(Theia's substitute during her convalescence,... I hope I am not making too many spelling errors!)

Photo of Dr. Martin Harris, as portrayed by Liam Neeson, in "Unknown"(2011). As specified by the poster, this picture is from the video of the trailer for "Unknown".

Liam Neeson is a 63-year old Irish actor.

Liam Neeson is also currently attached to the upcoming movie "A Monster Calls", set to be released in 2016 (The Monster). As an actor, Liam Neeson has performed in movies such as "Duet for One", released in 1986 in which he portrays Totter, "Chloe"(2009) playing David, "The Hangover 2"(2011) (Tattoo Man), "Kingdom of Heaven"(2005) (Godfrey de Ibelin), "Nell"(1994) in which he portrays Dr. Jerome 'Jerry' Lovell, and "Excalibur"(1981) in which he portrays Gawain.


About "Unknown":

Released in the USA on February 18 of 2011, «Unknown» is a Drama/Thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, and written by Oliver Butcher, Stephen Cornwell, and Didier Van Cauwelaert , starring Liam Neeson (Dr. Martin Harris), January Jones (Elizabeth Harris), Diane Kruger (Gina), Frank Langella (Rodney Cole), Aidan Quinn (Martin B.) and Bruno Ganz (Jurgen).

As an actress, January Jones has been seen in movies such as "Full Frontal", released in 2002, "The Glass House"(2001), "Love Actually"(2003), "The Boat That Rocked"(2009) (Eleonore), "Swedish Auto"(2006) in which she portrays Darla, and "American Wedding"(2003) in which she portrays Cadence Flaherty.

As an actor, Aidan Quinn has performed in movies such as "Desperately Seeking Susan", released in 1985 in which he portrays Dez, "If I Were You"(2012) in which he portrays Derek, "Blink"(1994) playing Detective John Hallstrom, "A Shine of Rainbows"(2009) (Alec), "The Handmaid's Tale"(1990) (Nick), and "Sarah's Key"(2010) in which he portrays William Rainsferd.


More about Jaume Collet-Serra (film maker):

Jaume Collet-Serra is a Spanish director. Jaume Collet-Serra has directed movies such as "House of Wax", released in 2005, "Orphan"(2009), "Non-Stop"(2013), "Run All Night"(2015), "Goal II: Living the Dream"(2007).

Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra (director) have collaborated in "Non-Stop", released in 2013 playing Bill Marks, "Run All Night"(2015) (Jimmy Conlon).


More information about this picture:

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Source: The Official Trailer.


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