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Benicio Del Toro: Fan Made Gallery

Benicio Del Toro as Ernesto Che Guevara in Che: Part One (2008)

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"Che: Part One" Copyright © IFC Films

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Urban Legend
(Theia's substitute during her convalescence,... I hope I am not making too many spelling errors!)

Photo of Benicio Del Toro, portraying Ernesto Che Guevara from "Che: Part One"(2008) This picture is from the video of the trailer available for "Che: Part One", at least this is what the submitter specified.

Benicio Del Toro is a 48-year old Puerto Rican actor, producer, and director.

As an actor, Benicio Del Toro has been seen in movies such as "The Argentine", released in 2008, "Sicario"(2015) as Alejandro, "The Wolfman"(2010) (character: Lawrence Talbot), "Bread and Roses"(2000), "Licence to Kill"(1989) in which he plays Dario, and "The Pledge"(2001) (character: Toby Jay Wadenah).


More about "Che: Part One":

Released on October 07 of 2008 in the USA, «Che: Part One» (also known as "Che - 1ère partie - L'Argentin", "Che, el argentino", "The Argentine") is a film directed by Steven Soderbergh, and written by Peter Buchman and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara , starring Julia Ormond (Lisa Howard), Benicio Del Toro (Ernesto Che Guevara), Pablo Guevara (Dinner Guest #1), Franklin Díaz (Dinner Guest #2), Armando Suárez Cobián (Dinner Guest #3) and Rodrigo Santoro (Raúl Castro).

Steven Soderbergh (director) and Demián Bichir have been associated in "The Argentine", released in 2008, "Guerrilla"(2008), "Che: Part Two"(2008) portraying Fidel Castro. As an actor, Demián Bichir has been seen in movies such as "Fuera del cielo", released in 2006 (character: Malboro), "Enemigos íntimos"(2008), "Hotel Colonial"(1987) in which he plays Young Hotel Clerk, "Sexo, pudor y lágrimas"(1999) (character: Tomas), "Marea suave"(1992), and "Luces de la noche"(1998) portraying Eduardo joven.

Steven Soderbergh (director) and Rodrigo Santoro have worked together on "Che: Part Two", released in 2008 (character: Raul Castro). Rodrigo Santoro is also currently attached to the upcoming movie "Ben-Hur", scheduled to be released in 2016 as Jesus. As an actor, Rodrigo Santoro has been seen in movies such as "300", released in 2006 as Xerxes, "Bicho de Sete Cabeças"(2001) (character: Wilson Souza Neto), "Black Oasis"(2008), "Love Actually"(2003), "Che: Part Two"(2008) in which he plays Raul Castro, and "Rio"(2011) (character: voice).


A little information about Steven Soderbergh (director of "Che: Part One"):

Steven Soderbergh is a 52-year old American director, producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, writer, actor, and composer. Steven Soderbergh has directed movies such as "Haywire", released in 2011, "Magic Mike"(2012), "Eros"(2004), "Liberace"(2013), "Underneath"(1995), and "Ocean's Eleven"(2001).

Steven Soderbergh (director) and Benicio Del Toro have worked together on "Guerrilla", released in 2008, "The Argentine"(2008), "Traffic"(2000) as Javier Rodriguez, "Che: Part Two"(2008) (character: Ernesto Che Guevara).


More information about this picture:

Part of a fan-made tribute gallery for "Benicio Del Toro", this picture ("Benicio Del Toro as Ernesto Che Guevara in Che: Part One (2008)") has been uploaded on Sun, 14 Dec 08 06:56:38 -0500, considering that the submiter has done it in a responsible and legal manner. This poster certainly thought doing something well by sharing this picture, however, if you think that this image is inappropriate or has not conformed to a fair-use, please report this to immediately, and we will delete it as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance.

With an initial resolution of 1280 pixels in width and 688 pixels in height, this is a HD picture which weighs 532.07 KB.

Source: The Official Trailer.


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