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Daniel Day-Lewis
Topic started by In Me I Believe - 53 months ago

"Personally, I think he's a great choice!..."
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Topic started by Guest #4813 - 60 months ago

"I'm intrested in if there will be another one of the Percy Jackson. I have read all books and have seen the movie. I wanna audition for the movie but I don't think I can take on that big of a thing. Anyways, please tell me when the next movie will be coming out! And also, the special effects and..."
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Resident Evil 6
Topic started by Guest #1438 - 71 months ago

"there will be a resident evil 5 and 6..."
no reply
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Titan's Curse
Topic started by Guest #4233 - 56 months ago

"I really want to have the part as Thalia Grace. I do have one idea wich could work. I would say my ideas are fifty fifty. I have fair skin and the same personalitie as thalia. My hair is black and i suit the colour electric blue.Will there be any aurditions in england for her part. I am ambious...."
no reply
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