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Michael Lembeck: Latest News

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There is no News for Michael Lembeck.

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Josh Hartnett
Topic started by annielicious - 67 months ago

"Josh Harnett (left), Gackt Camui (center) and Woody Harrelson (right) having fun on the set of..."
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Tooth Fairy
Topic started by Urban Legend - 71 months ago

"Photo Gallery for The Tooth Fairy, a film by Michael Lembeck, starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant and Ryan Sheckler. : . . See more: The Tooth Fairy Gallery...."
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Michael Jackson
Topic started by Cyrus Smith - 58 months ago

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Topic started by Guest #730 - 75 months ago

"Who am I to judge but I think Johnny Depp would not be the right Lindsay - I imagine a young Russell Crowe -type in that role, much bigger and more australian looking - dull in a way...Johnny Depp would be the perfect Didier I think -though the role is not that big....but I cannot imagine him as..."
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