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Aake Kalliala

Aake Kalliala
Aake Kalliala

Aake Kalliala is a Finnish actor.

Aake Kalliala was born Aarne Kalliala, in Heinola, Finland. His zodiac sign is Libra, and in Chinese astrology, his sign is that of the Tiger.

As an actor, Aake Kalliala has performed in movies such as "Koomikko", released in 1983 (character: Hemmo), "'Onks' Viljoo näkyny?'"(1988) (character: Lempo Römppäinen/Soikiapää/Arvid/Marko/Buffalo-Bill), "Rampe & Naukkis - Kaikkien aikojen superpari"(1990) as Sakari Naukkarinen, 'Naukkis', "Pölhölä"(1981) in which he plays Kustaa Käppyrä/Metusalem Käppyrä, "Jäähyväiset presidentille"(1987) playing Detective Siika, and "Liian iso keikka"(1986) (character: Petteri Lipsonen).

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