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Taylor Kitsch (Chon), Blake Lively (O), and Aaron Johnson (Ben) in Savages (2012)

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"Savages" Copyright © Universal Pictures

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Urban Legend
(Theia's substitute during her convalescence,... I hope I am not making too many spelling errors!)

Photo of Blake Lively, who portrays O, appearing beside Taylor Kitsch (Chon), Aaron Johnson (Ben). This picture is coming from the video of the trailer for "Savages", at least this is what the submitter mentionned.

Blake Lively is a 28-year old American actress.

As an actress, Blake Lively has acted in movies such as "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee", released in 2009 in which she plays Young Pippa, "The Age of Adaline"(2015) (character: Adaline Bowman), "Accepted"(2006) (character: Monica), "The Town"(2010) in which she plays Krista, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2"(2008) as Bridget Vreeland, and "Sandman"(1998) in which she plays Trixie/Tooth Fairy.

Taylor Kitsch is a 34-year old Canadian actor.

As an actor, Taylor Kitsch has been seen in movies such as "The Covenant", released in 2006 as Pogue Parry, "Gospel Hill"(2007), "John Carter"(2012) in which he plays John Carter, "Lone Survivor"(2013) (character: Mike Murphy), "Battleship"(2012) (character: Alex Hopper), and "John Tucker Must Die"(2006) in which he plays Justin.

Aaron Johnson is an English actor, and director.

As an actor, Aaron Johnson has been seen in movies such as "Dead Cool", released in 2004, "Dummy"(2008) (character: Danny), "The Illusionist"(2006) in which he plays Young Eisenheim, "Shanghai Knights"(2003) as Charlie Chaplin, "Kick-Ass"(2010) in which he plays Dave Lizewski, and "The Greatest"(2009) (character: Bennett Brewer).


More about the movie, "Savages":

Directed by Oliver Stone, and written by Shane Salerno, Don Winslow, and Oliver Stone, «Savages» is a Thriller film, released on June 25 of 2012 in the USA . Taylor Kitsch (Chon) is starring, alongside Blake Lively (O), Aaron Johnson (Ben), John Travolta (Dennis), Benicio Del Toro (Lado) and Salma Hayek (Elena).

Salma Hayek is also currently attached to the upcoming movie "Sausage Party", scheduled to be released in 2016 as Teresa Taco. As an actress, Salma Hayek has acted in movies such as "Fair Game", released in 1995 in which she plays Rita, "Ask the Dust"(2006) as Camilla, "Lonely Hearts"(2006) in which she plays Martha Beck, "Here Comes the Boom"(2012), "54"(1998) (character: Anita Randazzo), and "The Velocity of Gary"(1998) (character: Mary Carmen).

As an actor, Benicio Del Toro has been seen in movies such as "Fearless", released in 1993 (character: Manny Rodrigo), "Huevos de oro"(1993) in which he plays Bob, the friend from Miami, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"(1998) as Dr. Gonzo/Oscar Z. Acosta, "Money for Nothing"(1993) in which he plays Dino Palladino, "Bread and Roses"(2000), and "The Indian Runner"(1991).


More about Oliver Stone (film maker):

Oliver Stone is an American director, producer, screenwriter, writer, and actor. Oliver Stone has directed movies such as "Jawbreaker", released in 2009, "U Turn"(1997), "Wall Street"(1987), "W."(2008), "Natural Born Killers"(1994), and "Salvador"(1986).


More information about this image:

Image posted on Fri, 29 Jun 12 14:07:54 -0400. This picture, entitled "Taylor Kitsch (Chon), Blake Lively (O), and Aaron Johnson (Ben) in Savages (2012)", has been submitted in a fan-made tribute gallery for "Blake Lively", with the assumption that the poster has obtained and used it in a responsible and legal manner. This poster certainly thought doing something well by sharing this picture, however, if you consider that this image is inappropriate or has not conformed to a fair-use, please report this to immediately, and we will remove it as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance.

The original picture is 1920 pixels in width and 816 pixels in height, this is a HD picture which weighs 958.92 KB.

Source: The Official Trailer.


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