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Debra Messing - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact Debra Messing?

TheiaTheia United States

This page has been created to try to provide information and help on how to write to Debra Messing. Feel free to help this topic by adding more information and updates!


Where to write to Debra Messing?

Here is the address we have to contact Debra Messing:


c/o Studio Fan Mail,
1122 S. Robertson Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90035,


Debra Messing's personal address

Please keep in mind that this is not Debra Messing's personal address.


Of course you can see why we can't post the personal or home address of Debra Messing. In all events, this is not a good idea to try to contact a celebrity at his/her personal address. Although you might want to, put yourself in the other person's place, and image losing your privacy, and maybe living fearfully.


So please do not ask questions such as "What is Debra Messing's personal address?", "What is Debra Messing's home address?", or things like that.


Share your experience with contacting Debra Messing

Have you had success with writing to and receiving a reply from Debra Messing? If so, please share your experience with other fans!


Also, if you have additional contact addresses for Debra Messing, do not hesitate to complete this topic with your information.


On the other hand, if you managed to use one of the above addresses successfully, please let us know so we can keep this page up-to-date. Thank you!


Tips and Recommendations

There is no guarantee that you will succeed in receiving an answer trying the above addresses; however, to maximize your chances, here are basic tips:

  • Write in good and clear English (or another language if you are writing to a celebrity in an other country). The most important thing is to be respectful.
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope of appropriate size. Make certain the return envelope has enough postage.
    An important note on postage:
    if you are sending this return envelope to another country, then obviously you can't put on your own country's stamps! In this case, you can visit your local post office, and buy an International Reply Coupon(IRC). Basically, this international coupon allows your actor to exchange it for his own postage. Again, be generous when you buy your IRC, and don't force him or her to use their own money for your letter or autograph.
  • If you are asking for an autographed photo, it may be better if you send a photo yourself. If you do so, please think of using some kind of cardboard, to make your envelope rigid enough, and so to avoid the photo being damaged during transportation.

Finally, keep in mind that celebrities are very busy, and often travel a lot. So it might be a long time before you receive an answer. So be patient, and give them a couple of months to reply.


I hope this topic will be useful, and once again, do not hesitate to complete it!


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