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Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi
Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi is a 55-year old American producer, director, screenwriter, writer, and actor.

Sam Raimi has sometimes been credited as Sammy.

Sam Raimi was born Samuel Marshall Raimi on Friday, October 23rd, 1959, in Royal Oak, Michigan, United States.

A producer, Sam Raimi has worked on movies such as "Poltergeist" (released this year), "Evil Dead IV"(2013), "Priest"(2010), "The Wee Free Men"(2010), "The Shadow"(2010), and "The Possession"(2010).

Sam Raimi is also a movie director and has worked on movies such as "Oz: The Great and Powerful", released in 2013, "The Wee Free Men"(2010), "Drag Me to Hell"(2009), "No Man's Land"(2009), "Spider-Man 3"(2007), and "Spider-Man 2"(2004).

Also a screenwriter, Sam Raimi has worked on movies such as "Evil Dead IV", released in 2013, "The Evil Dead"(2009), "Spider-Man 3"(2007).

Sam Raimi has written the story of movies such as "Drag Me to Hell", released in 2009, "Man with the Screaming Brain"(2005), "The Hudsucker Proxy"(1994), "Army of Darkness"(1992), "The Nutt House"(1992), and "Darkman"(1990).

As an actor, Sam Raimi has also been seen in movies such as "Galaxis", released in 1995 as Nervous Official, "Intruder"(1989) as Randy, "Indian Summer"(1993) (Stick Coder), "Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The 'Plan 9' Companion"(1992), "Evil Dead II"(1987) in which he portrays Medieval Soldier, and "The Evil Dead"(1981).

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